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Brave New World

Journal Stones Part 2

Journal Stones Part 2

Something about these stones seems to radiate great age, as though the words were spoken a long time ago.

Stone #1:

I stand upon the shore of a new land. She is dim in my sight, a veil of mist drawn over my eyes. She is a False world, crude and unrefined, desperately in need of clarity. She is hideous to me, as our mother once was before Kukul tamed her to his hand. Is it not said that within the hideous lies the seeds of perfection? Shall I become the father of a new breed of gods, stronger and purer than the last?

There are people here, twisted shadows pretending to sentience. I will live among them for a time, but not too long lest they corrupt me.

Stone #2:

The maddened dragon followed me across the sea, driven by Kiltzi to seek me out. I feared she had sent it to kill me, but the creature retains some vestige of loyalty despite Kiltzi’s seduction. It presented me with the poisoned fruit the woman had grown from my seed, taken from me against my will. Even here, dimmed by the veils of this False World, it radiates corrupt power. I have determined to be rid of it, to break the vile whore’s schemes forever.

Yet all my efforts have been in vain. Such is the strength of the life this creature bears that no mortal agency seems capable of ending it. If I cannot end it, I must bend it somehow to my own purposes. It is recalcitrant, but the fires of determination fill me and I will be the victor in this contest.

Stone #3:

I have met a wizard today, a practitioner of the false power that dominates this land The power comes only reluctantly to his hand, bound by material writings and other, cruder methods. It seems to me, though, that there is wisdom to be found in this difficulty . . . power that comes only with study and great strain forces its seekers to hone their minds to a crystalline clarity not found elsewhere in this land. I have learned much from him, and given into his keeping one of the sacred relics in exchange. I have no use for it, now, and better they were scattered across the land, difficult for even Kiltzi to find.

The wizard has instructed me on the nature of the false worlds, and the shadow realms that surround it in the ether, reflections of reflections stretching off into infinity. I have visited some of these realms, now that I know they are there, and met the even stranger creatures that inhabit them. So harsh is their existence that their power boggles even my mind. I will approach them seeking an alliance.

Stone #4:

The maddened dragon slipped from its shackles and wrecked havoc across the countryside before I could restrain it again. Its power is too great and unruly for the False world, and my wizard friend has requested that I find some better means to restrain it. I believe he intended to use his power, but I know how little effect that would truly have on the great dragon.

So, I ventured into one of the shadow realms, there to construct a prison for the dragon that even it could not escape. Its rage was terrible indeed to behold, and the expenditure of power drew sentience out of the void, a trick I will have to remember if I need it. Luckily, the event calmed the rage of the dragon, and it has settled down to play with its children. I am wearied from my exertions, but it occurs to me that I may be able to make other use of this prison-realm. If I am to do so, first I must endeavor to make it habitable.

Stone #5:

Kiltzi’s foul child has taken to unleashing its power randomly at the worst conceivable times. So stubborn is the creature that all my attempts to tutor it have failed. It even disrupts the dragon’s prison and interferes with the sacred relics. Something must be done. Akhlaur recommended that I treat it as an ordinary human child, but I am not sure how this is done. He seemed confident that these manifestations were ordinary tantrums.

At his insistence I have given it a name, Demaris, although this has had little effect on its demeanor thus far. In fact, it seems to have made things worse, for the creature has learned a new means of locomotion and cannot be kept out of ANYTHING. If I look away from it for more than a few seconds, it is gone. In addition, if it gets a hold of anything, it eats it. It does not seem to need food any more than I do, but the eating continues. Fortunately it seems that anything it swallows reappears eventually.

Stone #6:

I have not seen Ahklaur for some time. Presumably he is busy with his work. I have met several more magic-users in the interim, however, and they all seem eager to assist me with my experiments. Apparently there are even gods here in this False World, but they seem to lack the power to remain manifest in the world. I attempted to visit one of these gods, but I was confronted by a most impolite winged individual who refused to permit me an audience. Apparently their lack of power renders these local gods touchy of their prerogatives.

Stone #7:

Demaris has started walking and looks a bit less like a misshapen lump of clay. She even seems to be uttering the occasional word, although of course they don’t make much sense. She seems to have grown tired of eating things and now just runs around everywhere, falling into thorn bushes and streams and generally getting covered in cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Since she invariably starts howling every time this happens, I have applied some padding to her to prevent the worst of the damage. It seems to be working thus far. The volume and frequency of howling has decreased notably.

Stone #8:

It seems that the inhabitants of the False World spend a significant amount of time exploring the sea. While their ships are crude thus far, it has become obvious to me that these short-lived creatures will only continue to build. Some day, they may reach the True World, and then terrible havoc could result. Zaltec and Kiltzi will learn of my location and stop at nothing until they have found me and destroyed me.

I must begin planning for the inevitable.



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