LE Ogre Mage Fighter 12


STATISTICS STR 31(+10) DEX 16(+3) CON 22(+6) INT 18(+4) WIS 16(+3) CHA 16(+3)

SKILLS Climb:12(+22), Concentration:8(+14), Intimidate:16(+19), Jump:12(+22), Knowledge(Local):4(+8), Listen:11(+14), Profession(Mercenary):6(+9), Spellcraft:8(+12), Spot:11(+14), Swim:12(+22)

FEATS Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Weapon Focus(Greatsword), Improved Trip, Weapon Specialization(Greatsword), Improved Critical(Greatsword), Greater Weapon Focus(Greatsword), Flyby Attack, Greater Weapon Specialization(Greatsword)

SPECIAL Large Size, Flight, Darkvision 60, Regeneration 5(acid and fire), SR 19, Spell-like abilities: at will—darkness, invisibility, 1/day—charm person(DC 14), cone of cold(DC 18), gaseous form, polymorph, sleep(DC 14)

HP:197 Init:+3 Speed:30/fly 40 good
AC:32 Touch:15 FF:29
Fort:+21 Ref:+11 Will:+11
+2 Large Cold Iron Mage Bane Greatsword:+28/+23/+18,2d8+21 (18-20/x2) (+2 to hit, +2d6 damage vs. arcane spellcasters)

GEAR Helm of Battle (3/day +2 to combat maneuver), +4 Mithral Full Plate, Ring of Protection +3, +2 Large Cold Iron MageBane Greatsword, Cloak of Resitance +3, Vanguard Treads (ignore unfavorable terrain, +8 defend vs bull rush, +4 defend vs. grapples)


Cyrvisnea is an Ogre Mage, sister of Sythillis and the general of his armies.

Attitude towards party: Indifferent

The name of this character comes from the Faerun Campaign Setting book, as she is part of the setting.


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