LN Fighter 4/Cleric of Kossuth 6


STATISTICS STR 18(+4) DEX 13(+1) CON 14(+2) INT 12(+1) WIS 16(+3) CHA 12(+1)

SKILLS Concentration:9(+11), Diplomacy:9(+10), Intimidate:3(+4), Jump:13(+17), Knowledge(the planes):9(+10), Knowledge(Religion):9(+10)

FEATS Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Combat Expertise, Whirlwind Attack, Exotic Weapon Proficiency(Spiked Chain), Weapon Focus (Spiked Chain), Weapon Specialization(Spiked Chain)

SPECIAL Rebuke Undead, Turn Water, Rebuke Fire, Smite 1/day

HP:85 Init:+1 Speed:20
AC:22 Touch:11 FF:21
Fort:+12 Ref:+4 Will:+9
+2 Flaming Burst Spiked Chain: +15/+10, 2d4+1d6+8


0th—detect magic, cure minor wounds, detect poison, light, guidance

1st—burning hands, bless, bane, comprehend languages, command

2nd—Produce flame, cure moderate wounds, align weapon, bear’s endurance

3rd—resist energy (fire), dispel magic, cure serious wounds

EQUIPMENT +2 Flaming Burst Spiked Chain, +3 Full Plate, Gauntlets of the Blazing Arc (4d4+4 fire in 15’ cone, ref 14 half), Necklace of fireballs type V (1 9d6, 2 7d6, 2 5d6, 2 3d6, Ref 14)


Daine is part of a group of Thayvians visiting Murann. She answers only to Kiriad.


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