Human Faithless 8


STATISTICS STR:16(+3) DEX:18(+4) CON:18(+4) INT:15(+2) WIS:14(+2) CHA:12(+1)

SKILLS Balance:5(+11), Climb:7(+10), Concentration:11(+15), Heal:11(+13), Jump:5(+8), Knowledge(Arcana):5(+7), Knowledge(Religion):5(+7), Knowledge(Nature)5(+7), Knowledge(Psionics)11(+13), Listen:7(+9), Sense Motive:5(+7), Spot:7(+9), Survival:11(+11), Swim:5(+9)

FEATS Agile, Athletic, Track, Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Defense, Iron Will, Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff), Improved Two-weapon fighting

SPECIAL Magic Rejection, SR 23, PR 23, Greater Defense +4, Soulless, Break Damage Reduction, DR 3/-, Greater Offense

HP:83 Speed:30 Init +4
AC:23 Touch:14 FF:19
Fort:+10 Ref:+10 Wil:+10
MW Quarterstaff:+11/+11/+6/+6,1d6+3

EQUIPMENT Explorer’s outfit, Mithral Chainmail, MW Quarterstaff, MW Healer’s Kit

LANGUAGES Common, Chondathan, Nexalan


The (surprisingly young) daughter of the ancient Nymbus, Demaris despises magic, psionics and religion of all types; her rejection is so great that it seems to have solidified into a power of it’s own. She claims it is a result of her father dragging her, against her will, through many planes and subjecting her to numerous unpleasant experiments for unknown purposes.

Finally, she rebelled and left him, building a small home for herself in the Small Teeth (Forgotten Realms, Amn) where she has lived unmolested until recently.

Attitude Towards Party: Friendly


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