LN Wood Elf Druid 6


STATISTICS STR 15(+2) DEX 18(+4) CON 12(+1) INT 11 WIS 17(+3) CHA 11

SKILLS (ACP:0) Concentration:9(+10), Escape Artist:0(+9) Handle Animal:9(+9), Heal:9(+12), Hide:0(+9), Knowledge(Nature):9(+9), Listen:0(+5), Move Silently:0(+9), Search:0(+2), Spot:0(+5)

FEATS Two-weapon fighting, Combat Casting, Weapon Focus(Scimitar)

SPECIAL Immune to sleep, +2 will vs. enchantments, low-light vision, elven weapon proficiencies, +2 listen/search/spot, Animal Companion(dog), Nature Sense, wild empathy(6), woodland stride, trackless step, resist nature’s lure, wild shape 2/day

HP:44 Init:+4 Speed:30
AC:16 Touch:14 FF:12 Fort:+6 Ref:+6 Will:+8
+1 Silver Scimitar:+8,1d8+2(18-20/x2)
Cold Iron Scimitar:+7,1d8+1(18-20/x2)
Flame Blade:+7,1d8+3(18-20/x2)

GEAR Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind, +1 Slick Leather Armor, +1 Silver Scimitar, Cold Iron Scimitar


5 0th—Cure Minor Wounds x2, Know Direction, Light, Guidance

4 1st—Faerie Fire, Longstrider, Magic Fang, Speak With Animals

4 2nd—Barkskin, Flame Blade x3

3 3rd—Poison, Sleet Storm, Snare


STR 15, DEX 19, CON 15, INT 2, WIS 12, CHA 6

Jump +8, Listen +6, Spot +6, Survival +2, Swim +3

Alertness, Track, Improved Init

scent, low-light vision, link, share spells, evasion, devotion, Size Small, +4 to jump/survival when tracking by scent

HP:38 Speed:40 Init+8
AC:20 Touch:14 FF:16
Fort:+6 Ref:+8 Wil:+2

Hadrilyn is one of Odran’s companions, sent with him to find the Daemonfey rumored to be present somewhere in the Small Teeth. He is calm, methodical and patient about carrying out his duty to the elves and to nature, but he will not be swayed from his course.

Attitude Towards Party: Indifferent


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