NG Moon Elf Ranger 6


STATISTICS STR 16(+3), DEX 18(+4), CON 12(+1), INT 13(+1), WIS 13(+1), CHA 13(+1)

SKILLS Climb:5(+8), Handle Animal:5(+6), Heal:4(+5), Hide:9(+17), Knowledge(Geography):4(+5), Knowledge(Nature):4(+5), Listen:5(+8), Move Silently:9(+17), Search:0(+3), Spot:4(+7), Survival:9(+10), Swim:4(+7)

FEATS Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus(Long Bow), Track, Rapid Shot, Manyshot

SPECIAL Immune to sleep, +2 will vs. enchantments, low-light vision, elf weapon proficiencies, +2 Listen/search/spot, Favored Enemy: Outsider(evil)+4, Favored Enemy: Monstrous Humanoid +2, Wild Empathy (7), Combat Style: Bow, Animal Companion (Owl)

HP:39 Init:+4 Speed:30
AC:18 Touch:15 FF:14
Fort:+6 Ref:+9 Will:+3
+1 Composite Long Bow: +12/+7,1d8+4(x3)
MW Long Sword: +10/+5, 1d8+3(19-20/x2)

GEAR Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind, +1 leather armor, Ring of protection +1, Ring of Feather Fall, +1 Composite longbow (Mighty +3), 10 cold iron arrows, 10 silver arrows, 20 arrows, MW longsword

SPELLS 2 1st—longstrider, magic fang


STR 5, DEX 18, CON 10, INT 2, WIS 14, CHA 4

Listen +15, Move Silently +18, Spot +6

Weapon Finesse, Flyby attack

low-light vision, +8 Listen, +14 Move Silently, +8 spot in shadowy illumination, link, share spells, evasion

HP:12 Init+4 Speed:10/fly 40 average
AC:20 Touch:16 FF:16
Fort:+3 Ref:+7 Will:+3
Talons +8, 1d4-3

Jacynth is one of Odran’s companions, sent to seek out a Daemonfey believed to be somewhere in the small teeth. She is benevolent and kindly, but hates demons above all else.

Attitude Towards Party: Indifferent


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