CN Half-Fey Lurk


STR:16(+3) DEX:20(+5) CON:14(+2) INT:18(+4) WIS:13(+1) CHA:17(+3)

Autohypnosis:6(+7), Bluff:10(+13), Concentration:10(+12), Hide:10(+20), Knowledge (psionics):10(+14), Listen:9(+10), Move Silently:10(+20), Psicraft:7(+13), Sense Motive:3(+4), Spot:8(+19), Swim:6(+9), Use Psionic Device:7(+12)

Expanded Knowledge, Lurk Master, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse

35 pp, low-light vision, immune to enchantments, initiative boost. Kyrian’s psionic nature has negated his spell-like abilities, making his level adjustment +1.

HP:53 Init:+9 Speed:30/60 fly (good)
AC:22 Touch:16 FF:17
Fort:+6 Ref:+13 Will:+9
DR:5/cold iron
BAB/Grapple: +6/+9
+1 Frost Short Sword: +12 (1d6+1d6 cold+2,19-20/x2) OR
+1 Frost Short Sword: +10/+5 AND
+2 Short Sword: +11 (1d6+5,19-20/x2)
OR +1 Shortbow +12/+7 (1d6+1/x3)

0: Distract, Empty Mind, Extend Range, Far Hand; 1: Chameleon, Defensive Precognition, Offensive Precognition, Offensive Prescience; 2: Animal Affinity, Concealing Amorpha, Psionic Knock, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions; 3: Touchsight

Unfocusing Strike, Solid Strike, Stunning Attack, Ignore Concealment, Mental Assault, Deceptive Strike, Sneak Attack Undead

+2 Short Sword, +1 Frost Short Sword, +1 Shortbow & 14 silvered arrows, +3 Studded Leather Armor, Ring of Protection +1, Third Eye Aware, Vest of Resistance +2, 2 cognizance crystals (5 points each), backpack, belt pouch, bedroll, flint & steel, healer’s kit, lamp, 2 flasks of oil, traveler’s outfit, waterskin, 5 sp, 1,066 gp (total value 38,077 gp; total encumbrance 41.5 pounds)

Common, Abyssal, Elven, Sylvan, Terran

36,850 – next level at 45,000

Height: 5’2” Weight: 136 Age: 19
Eyes: Violet Hair: Blond Skin: Fair

Kyrian is small and lithe, with striking eyes, golden blond hair, sharp features, pointed ears, and translucent, butterfly-like wings that resemble stained glass.

Son of the Naiad Aviana and an unknown human, Kyrian grew up with his mother and twin sister Olena in a small enclave hidden in the Small Teeth (Forgotten Realms, Amn). This valley’s wellspring of natural magic drew many fey to dwell there, including Dougal, a Fossergrim that taught Kyrian to fight. What little he knows of humanity comes from Odran, a wandering elven druid.

This idyllic existence changed when a strange crystal fell from the sky, altering the valley’s natural magic into an alien power that struck at the roots of the fey connection with nature. Many fey were driven into a frenzy of pain; strange powers awakened in others. Once a band of strangers showed him how to embrace his new talents, Kyrian joined them on a journey beyond his valley, in a quest to understand the world he now senses is changing in some fundamental and unexpected way.

Kyrian, Olena, and their new companions sought to deliver a message from Nymbus to his daughter, Demaris. Finding that Demaris was held in the stronghold of the hobgoblin Magsaid by order of Sulveig, the party rescued her, then split up to pursue separate objectives.

Kyrian’s party accompanied a group of elves to Murann, in search of Sulveig’s secrets. By allying themselves with Silver Tom and the troll gladiator Eztli, the party learned of Sulveig’s gift to the ogre mage Sythillis – a valuable jaguar mask. They acquired the mask in the midst of a pitched battle which spelled the ogre mage’s doom, and escaped via ship to Athkatla.

Once reunited, the party traveled to the demiplane created by Nymbus, where Kyrian learned that Nymbus is his father. When the party divided again, Kyrian joined the heroes bound for Halruaa.

Kyrian lives in the moment. He seems impulsive and even reckless to others, but his keen intelligence keeps him in control of the situation. Still, he knows very little of the world beyond his valley, and is just as naive as his sister (and is even worse in some respects). Kyrian is suspicious of strangers, but fiercely loyal to those he does trust. Energetic and passionate, Kyrian hides his feelings when he must. His dark sense of humor is perhaps the purest expression of his fey heritage; though not a prankster, Kyrian does enjoy it when the arrogant are humbled. Kyrian is not a pessimist—he’s “an optimist with access to the facts.” He sings a little, but only with his family.

Kyrian realized his affection for Ligeia too late. He’s chosen to put his feelings behind him and move on, but has found this difficult, as he has yet to discover any true purpose or direction for his life. Learning of his father’s identity – and his true nature – may be Kyrian’s first steps toward this goal.

Kyrian & Olena together
Sketch of Kyrian & Olena by DevLynne

Kyrian’s Decision
Kyrian in the Dark
Kyrian Remembers
Kyrian & Aviana


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