N Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Ranger 7

S:16(+3) D:20(+5) C:20(+5) I:15(+2) W:16(+3) C:12(+1)
Skills: Climb 10(+13) Hide 10(+24), Jump 10(+17), Listen 10(+13), Move Silently 10 (+15) Spot 10(+13) Survival 10(+13) Swim 10 (+17)
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (Longbow), Endurance, Track
Special: Small size, chameleon skin, hold breath, low-light vision, weapon familiarity, +3 natural armor, poison use, Favored Enemy: Elementals +4, Monstrous Humanoid +2, Combat Style (archery), Improved Combat Style (Archery), Wild Empathy (8), Animal Companion, woodland stride
HP:72 Init:+5 Speed:30
AC:17 FF:12 Touch:15
Fort:+10 Ref:+10 Will:+5
BAB/Grapple: +7/+6

Composite Longbow: +13/+8, 1d6+3(x3) Blue Whinnis poison (injury, fort DC 14, primary 1 con, secondary unconsciousness


Marthi’ss is one of the scouts for the Poison Dusk Tribe.


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