CG Human Barbarian 6/Champion of Gwynharwyf 2

S:16(+3) D:18(+4) C:16(+3) I:13(+1) W:15(+2) CH:15(+2)
Skills: Climb:11(+14), Handle Animal:5(+7), Intimidate:11(+13), Jump:9(+25), Listen:10(+12), Ride:5(+11), Survival:6(+8), Swim:9(+12)
Feats: Iron Will, Knight of Stars, Righteous Wrath, Closed Mind
Special: Fast Movement, Rage 3/day, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, trap sense +2, detect evil, Smite Evil 1/day, Divine Grace, Furious Casting
HP:77 Init:+4 Speed:50
AC:19 Touch:14 FF:15
Fort:+15 Ref:+10 Will:+10
+1 Longspear:+12/+7, 1d8+5(x3)
+1 Shortspear of throwing and returning:+13/+8, 1d6+4(x3)

Spells 1st level—Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor

Equipment +1 Changeling Spear of Throwing and Returning, +1 Chain Shirt, +2 cloak of resistance, boots of striding and springing

XP: 30,500—next level at 36,000


Nan is the erstwhile leader of the remaining women of the village of Rumero.


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