Oren Falscar

Human Paladin 8


STATISTICS S:18(+4) D:14(+2) C:14(+2) I:12(+1) W:14(+2) CH:14(+2)

SKILLS Diplomacy:5(+9), Handle Animal:6(+8), Knowledge(Nobility & Royalty):6(+7), Knowledge(Religion):7(+8), Ride:11(+15), Survival:11(+13)

FEATS Cosmopolitan(Survival), Weapon Focus(Longsword), Track, Mounted Combat

SPECIAL Aura of Good, detect evil at will, Smite Evil 2/day, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands (10), Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Turn Undead, special mount, Remove Disease 2/week

HP:78 Init:+2 Speed:20
AC:23 Touch:12 FF:21
Fort:+11 Ref:+7 Will:+8
+2 Longsword +15/+10, 1d8+6(19-20/x2)
+2 Composite Long Bow:+11/+6, 1d8+6(x3)

EQUIPMENT +2 Cloak of Resistance, +2 Longsword, +2 Heavy Wooden Shield, +2 Chainmail, +2 Mighty +4 Composite Long Bow, Quiver:Arrows x20, Traveler’s Outfit, Rations x10, Waterskin, Whetstone

LANGUAGES Common, Chondathan, Elven

SPELLS 1st—cure light wounds x2

2nd—bull’s strength


STR 20 DEX 13 CON 17 INT 7 WIS 13 CHA 6

Listen +7, Spot +6

Endurance, Run, Multiattack

Empathic link, improved evasion, share spells, share saving throws, low-light vision, scent, improved speed

HP:60 Init:+1 Speed:60
AC:20 Touch:10 FF:19
Fort:+9 Ref:+7 Will:+3
BAB/Grapple: +6/+15
2 hooves: +11, 1d6+5
Bite:+9, 1d4+2

Oren Falscar is a young paladin in the Most Holy Order of the Radiant Heart in Athkatla. He was left to the church of Tyr as an infant and raised by the Order; there was never any doubt in his mind that he would eventually become a paladin. So he did. Unfortunately, he’s not much good at it.

He means well but some quirk of mind or fate prevents him from from investing himself completely in the Order. As a result, he wavers constantly on the verge of falling out of grace. The senior Knights and Clerics of the order take pity on him and send him off on long patrols in the wilderness, the one area where he is reasonably competent. He has been scouting the troop movements of the Sythillisian Empire for some time now and is growing worried at the increased activity.

Attitude Towards Party: Helpful

Oren Falscar

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