LN Synad Kineticist 5/Metamind 10


STATISTICS STR 14(+2) DEX 16(+3) CON 16(+3) INT 24(+7) WIS 14(+2) CHA 13(+1)

SKILLS Autohypnosis:18(+20), Concentration:18(+21), Knowledge(Psionics):18(+25), Knowledge(Religion):8(+15), Knowledge(The Planes):8(+15), Psicraft:18(+25)

FEATS Psicrystal Affinity (nimble), Overchannel, Talented, Improved Psicrystal Affinity (resolved), Body Fuel, Psicrystal Containment, Psionic Meditation, Practiced Manifestor

SPECIAL Darkvision 60, Naturally Psionic(3), Threefold Mind, Precognitive Edge, Collective, Multitask, Free Manifesting(3/3/1/1/1), Cognizance Psicrystal(11), Font of Power, 126 pp.

HP:102 Init:+5 Speed:30
AC:24 Touch:17 FF:22
Fort:+11 Ref:+11 +21
  1. Control Object, Energy Ray, Force Screen, Missive, Synchronicity
  2. Energy Missile, Biofeedback, Concussion Blast, Energy Push
  3. Energy Cone, Dispel Psionics, Body Adjustment, Mind Trap
  4. Energy Ball, Control Body, Aura Sight, Telekinetic Maneuver
  5. Energy Current, Fiery Discorporation, Adapt Body, Plane Shift

EQUIPMENT Headband of Intellect +6, Bracers of Armor +8, Cloak of Resistance +4, Ring of Protection +4, Psionatrix of Psychokinesis


Salmede is one of Nymbus’ first group of students. Since his main effectiveness lies in blowing things up, Athur likes to keep him in reserve and only send him out if destruction is the only useful solution.


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