Tag: Half-fey


  • Olena

    |*Height:* 4'9"|*Weight:* 93|*Age:* 19| |*Eyes:* Violet|*Hair:* Black|*Skin:* Fair| *DESCRIPTION*
    Olena is petite, with a wiry build that hides great strength. She has deep violet eyes, long black hair, delicate features, pointed ears, and …

  • Kyrian

    |*Height:* 5'2"|*Weight:* 136|*Age:* 19| |*Eyes:* Violet|*Hair:* Blond|*Skin:* Fair| *APPEARANCE*
    Kyrian is small and lithe, with striking eyes, golden blond hair, sharp features, pointed ears, and translucent, butterfly-like wings that resemble …