Tag: Human


  • Demaris

    The (surprisingly young) daughter of the ancient Nymbus, Demaris despises magic, psionics and religion of all types; her rejection is so great that it seems to have solidified into a power of it's own. She claims it is a result of her father dragging her …

  • Oren Falscar

    Oren Falscar is a young paladin in the Most Holy Order of the Radiant Heart in Athkatla. He was left to the church of Tyr as an infant and raised by the Order; there was never any doubt in his mind that he would eventually become a paladin. So he did. …

  • Nymbus

    Nymbus' is the teacher of Barak, Sam, La'ss'a and Fa'ss'th. He operates a school of psionic powers in the Small Teeth mountains, where he also has an observatory. Little else is known about him; he keeps his secrets close.

  • Olena

    |*Height:* 4'9"|*Weight:* 93|*Age:* 19| |*Eyes:* Violet|*Hair:* Black|*Skin:* Fair| *DESCRIPTION*
    Olena is petite, with a wiry build that hides great strength. She has deep violet eyes, long black hair, delicate features, pointed ears, and …

  • Kyrian

    |*Height:* 5'2"|*Weight:* 136|*Age:* 19| |*Eyes:* Violet|*Hair:* Blond|*Skin:* Fair| *APPEARANCE*
    Kyrian is small and lithe, with striking eyes, golden blond hair, sharp features, pointed ears, and translucent, butterfly-like wings that resemble …

  • Sir Ryan Trawl

    Sir Ryan Trawl is the current Lord Commander of the Most Holy Order of the Radiant Heart in Athkatla. Unfortunately, at present the Order House has been burned to the ground, so he is without his usual magical equipment.

  • Sir Bryandt Halfirth

    Sir Bryandt has been a Paladin of the Order for some time, but he was only recently knighted by Sir Ryan during the Battle of Athkatla. Sir Ryan refers to him fondly as a "terrier" for his small size and fierce determination. Unfortunately, many other …

  • Elice Sandy

    Elice grew up in and around the slums and docks of Athkatla with gaggles of other street children. She vaguely recalls that her father was a sailor and her mother worked as a washerwoman to feed and clothe her five children. Attracted to the work, Elice …

  • Forlan Kyerki

    Forlan Kyerki is the leader of the Cowled Wizards in Athkatla. He is more of a bureaucrat than an adventurer, although he does make magic items periodically.

  • Garmon

    Garmon is captain of the Starless Sky. He owes the party a debt for rescuing his ship. In appearance, he is about 38, with light brown hair and blue eyes.

  • Old Felda

    Although she is not particularly old, Felda puts up with the nickname good-naturedly. She was previously a village wisewoman, but grew tired of persecution from her good magic-fearing Amnian neighbors, so she moved to the big city and opened a business …

  • Paulo

    Lean, swarthy, with a poorly-trimmed mustache and permanent five-o'clock shadow, Paulo is no more and no less than a sword for hire. He has a good business relationship with Quentin and is quite loyal to his employer.

  • Justus

    Justus is a professional adventurer affiliated with Calix, Signey, Isaic and Wayland. He is originally from Cormyr and distantly related to the aristocracy there.

  • Calix

    Calix is a rogue from Cormyr where he is related to a prominent aristocrat. He prefers the adventuring life, himself.