Tag: hobgoblin


  • Lorthane

    Lorthane is a hobgoblin sorceress. She flaunts her charms excessively and revels in causing misery and grief to anyone beneath her in the hierarchy. Attitude Towards Party: Unfriendly

  • Magsaid

    Magsaid is the captain of the hobgoblin stronghold, a big, strong, capable leader. He spoils Lorthane, respects Evergh, and otherwise devotes his time to fighting, eating, and drinking in no particular order. He is not particularly fascinated with …

  • Evergh

    Evergh is a hobgoblin cleric, worshipper of Bane. He is strictly honorable and obedient to the chain of command, but he is actually somewhat of a gentle soul and does not cause harm just for the heck of it. He is ruthless in punishing the slightest sign …