Most musicians strive for perfect, harmonious tones, but the dissonant embraces duality and conflict in music and in life. Drawing on psionic power and bardic lore, the dissonant creates a powerful, albeit unharmonious, whole.

Hit die: d6


Skills: Perform (song or poetics): 8 Ranks, Psicraft: 8 ranks

Other: Bardic Music ability, Ability to manifest 1st level powers

Saving throws: Reflex, Will

BAB: Medium

Skills per level: 4+int

Class Skills: Appraise, Autohypnosis, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Jump, Knowledge (all), Listen, Perform, Psicraft, Sense Motive, Tumble, Use Magic Device, Use Psionic Device

1st Level: Dissonant Lore, Dissonant Music, +1 manifestor level, +1 arcane caster level

2nd Level: create sound, +1 arcane caster level

3rd Level: One Voice, Two Notes, +1 manifestor level, +1 arcane caster level

4th Level: energy ray (sonic), +1 arcane caster level

5th level: One Singer, Two Songs, +1 manifestor level, +1 arcane caster level

6th level: shatter, +1 arcane caster level

7th level: One Weapon, Two Blows, +1 manifestor level, +1 arcane caster level

8th level: Dissonant Weapon, +1 arcane caster level

9th level: Dissonant Scream, +1 manifestor level, +1 arcane caster level

10th level: One Mind, Two Thoughts, +1 arcane caster level

Arcane caster levels can only be applied to bard casting abilities, not to any other type of arcane caster.

Dissonant Lore (Ex): levels in the dissonant prestige class count as bard levels for the purpose of determining bardic lore ability.

Dissonant Music (Su): the dissonant’s class levels count as bard levels for the purpose of determining what bardic music effects the character has available.

Create sound: this power is added to the dissonant’s list of powers known.

One Voice, Two Notes (Su): The dissonant draws on psionic power to make other vocalizations while singing. Once per day per class level the dissonant can cast a spell that requires a verbal component while maintaining a bardic music ability.

Energy ray (sonic): the sonic version of this power is added to the dissonant’s list of powers known.

One Singer, Two Songs (Su): the dissonant becomes more skilled at multiple vocalization and can maintain two bardic song abilities at the same time for class level+cha modifier rounds per day. This duration need not be used all at once, and the bardic abilities end at their normal rate after the dissonant ceases maintaining them.

Shatter: this spell is added to the dissonant’s list of spells known. The save DC of a dissonant’s shatter is always 3 higher than normal.

One Weapon, Two Blows (Ex): as part of a full-round action, the dissonant may make an additional attack at her highest base attack, but she suffers a –2 penalty to all attack rolls for the round.

Dissonant Weapon (Su): any weapon wielded by the dissonant does an additional +1d6 sonic damage.

Dissonant Scream (Sp): Once per day the dissonant can issue a powerful scream. This is identical to the 9th-level spell wail of the banshee except that the save DC is 15+Cha. The dissonant’s effective caster level for this ability is equal to her class level.

One Mind, Two Thoughts (Psi): The dissonant can act as though under the effects of the schism power for up to one round per class level per day.


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