The Faithless is an oddity: a person that has, by choice, rejected divine, arcane, and even psionic power. From this rejection, they gain substantial self-reliance and resistance to the supernatural at the cost of wider power.

Faithless are usually very learned and skilled—it is very nearly their only method of survival—even about the very subjects they reject. However, they have few other group characteristics: there are no societies, orders, or collections of Faithless. It is a lonely calling that few take up, and always for their own reasons.

Alignment: Any

Hit Die: d8

Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Heal, Jump, Knowledge: Any, Listen, Profession, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Swim

Skills Per Level: 6+Int

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Light and Medium Armor, All Simple Weapons

BAB: High

Class Saves: All


1st Level: Magic Rejection, Magic Resistance, Toughness, +1 statistic

2nd Level: Bonus Feat, Soulless

3rd Level: Greater Defense, +1 statistic

4th Level: Bonus Feat, DR 2/-

5th Level: Break Damage Reduction, +1 statistic

6th Level: Bonus Feat

7th Level: Greater Offense, +1 statistic

8th Level: Bonus Feat, DR 3/-

9th Level: Break Spell, +1 statistic

10th Level: Bonus Feat

11th Level: Greater Healing, +1 statistic

12th Level: Bonus Feat, DR 4/-

13th Level: Break Item, +1 statistic

14th Level: Bonus Feat

15th Level: Greater Resistance ,+2 statistic

16th Level: Bonus Feat, DR 5/-

17th Level: Break Supernatural, +2 statistic

18th Level: Bonus Feat

19th Level: Backlash , +2 statistic

20th Level: Bonus Feat, Power Conversion, DR 6-, +2 statistic

Statistic Bonuses: At some levels, the Faithless gains a bonus to statistics. The entire bonus must be applied to a single statistic, but the statistic may be chosen by the player. This is identical to gaining bonus statistics by leveling. It does not stop the Faithless from gaining bonus statistics normally.

Magic Rejection (Ex): The Faithless rejects the supernatural with all her willpower and determination. She can never take levels in any class that gains spells or supernatural abilities. She can never make use of magic items, although she may handle and carry them if necessary. This is not a philosophical matter like a Druid’s inability to wear metal without losing spell-casting abilities: magic items in the hands of a Faithless simply do not function. The Faithless’ rejection is so strong that she cannot gain bonuses even from passive supernatural or magical effects like auras.

Magic Resistance (Ex): The Faithless gains SR and PR = 15+level

Toughness: The Faithless gains Toughness as a bonus feat at first level.

Bonus Feat: The Faithless may take any additional bonus feat of her choice when she attains this level.

Soulless (Ex): The Faithless cannot be raised from the dead by any means. In addition, no power can determine the Faithless’ alignment; attempts to do so merely return no result. The Faithless is considered to have the “best” alignment for spells and effects that are variable regarding alignment.

Greater Defense (Ex): A Faithless’ skin toughens as a result of her rejection. She gains a +2 natural armor bonus that increases by an additional +2 every three levels.

Damage Reduction (Ex): Faithless are renowned for abusing their bodies and ignoring injuries. She gains the listed damage reduction.

Break Damage Reduction (Ex): As a move action, the Faithless may make a Concentration check DC 15 to overcome a targeted creature’s damage reduction with her next attack.

Greater Offense: At 7th Level, the Faithless gains the Weapon Focus feat with the weapon of her choice. At 10th level, she gains the Weapon Specialization feat with that same weapon. At 13th level, she gains the Improved Weapon Focus feat with her chosen weapon, and at 16th level she finally gains Improved Weapon Specialization.

Break Spell (Ex): If the Faithless is the target of spell or spell-like ability with more than one target and she successfully resists the spell, she may make a Concentration check of 10+spell’s level to negate the effects of that spell completely for all targets. This ability cannot be used unless the spell is targeted directly at the Faithless, simply being in the area of effect is not enough.

Greater Healing (Ex): Faithless become adept at dealing with injuries as they have no access to magical healing. When using the Heal skill, the Faithless doubles all numerical beneficial effects. In addition, she can make a DC 25 check to treat ability drain, turning it into ability damage, which can then be recovered normally.

Break Item (Ex): The Faithless’ aura of rejection becomes so powerful that it can even negate the effects of a magical item for a short period of time, rendering it mundane. When touching or touched by a magical item (such as when she is hit by a magical weapon), the Faithless may make an immediate Concentration check DC 25 to nullify that item’s magical effects. While this does not cancel a hit retroactively if it negates an enhancement bonus, it does cancel the extra damage dealt by a magical weapon. The Faithless may only make one such attempt to nullify a particular magic item per round. The nullification lasts 1 round.

Greater Resistance (Ex): The Faithless’ personality hardens into an impregnable defense. She adds her Charisma modifier, if positive, to all saving throws.

Break Supernatural (Ex): The Faithless’ rejection of magic extends even to the inherent abilities of magical creatures. When touching or touched by a creature with supernatural abilities, the Faithless may make a Concentration check DC 30 to negate that creature’s supernatural powers for one round.

Backlash (Ex): The horror of the Faithless’ magical void hurts unwary spellcasters that see her as a target for their spells. If a Faithless successfully resists a spell or spell-like ability, the caster takes 1d6 damage per level of the spell and is dazed for 1 round (Fort Save DC 10+the Faithless’ Wisdom score for half damage and to negate the daze effect).

Power Conversion (Ex): When the Faithless resists a spell, it heals her 1d4 hit points per spell level.


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