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Power Hierarchy: the way different types of powers relate to each other. The hierarchy goes: Nature Magic->Divine Magic->Arcane Magic->Psionic power

Psionic Storm: a summoned/created creature, similar to an elemental merged with an astral construct, that can only be brought into existence by the efforts of many psions acting in concert. Can perform complex tasks and travel great distances at high speed.

The Gods of Maztica:

Kukul: Ancient Father of the Gods

Maztica: Mother of Life, The World

Qotal: The Feathered Dragon

Zaltec: Lord of War, Eater of Hearts

Azul: Giver of Rain, Taker of Bread, Chac-Father

Plutoq: Master of Earth and Stone

Tezca: Ruler of Sun and Fire

Eha: Wind Sprite

Watil: Guardian of Plants

Nula: Guardian of Animals

Kiltzi: Giver of Health, Growth, Nourishment, and Love


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