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Nymbus’ School and Observatory—Some buildings hidden in The Small Teeth. This is where the adventure began and is home to Nymbus. There is a small school for psionic classes there (currently defunct) and a large locked observatory. Visited: Yes

The Small Teeth—A mountain range in the southern part of Amn. Visited: Yes

The Grotto—A tiny gap in the Small Teeth that gives access to an even tinier crack in the rock where some weird purple crystal was growing until recently, when it was struck by lightning and exploded all over the place. Visited: Yes

Murann—Coastal city south of the Small Teeth, belonged to Amn until 1374 when it was conquered by an army of monstrous humanoids seeking to gain the treasures being brought in from Maztica. Visited: Yes

Athkatla—Capital of Amn. Visited: Yes

Demaris’ Home—Where Demaris lives, approx. 100 miles west of Nymbus School and Observatory. Also in the Small Teeth. Visited: Yes

The Southern High Road—major east-west road that runs along the Small Teeth Mountains, terminating at the west end in Murann. Visited: Yes

Fey Enclave—a small valley near the Southern High Road inhabited by numerous fey. Visited: Yes

Hobgoblin Stronghold—a fortress in the mountains where Demaris was taken by hobgoblins. The access is hidden and difficult to find. Visited: Yes

Suldanesselar—city of the elves, hidden in the forests of central Amn. Visited: No

Village of Rumero—a small village just north of the Small Teeth. It was destroyed when Sythillis’ army rolled through. Visited: Yes

The Crimson Road—Caravanserai in Murann run by Hali al-Jazid ibn Zhud. Visited: Yes

The White Scroll—Shop in Murann run by Silver Tom. Visited: Yes

Dragon Cave—A cave near the village of Rumero where it appears a crystal dragon has set up shop. Visited: Yes

Waukeen’s Promenade—Marketplace in Athkatla. Visited: Yes.

Temple District—Religious sector in Athkatla. Visited: No

Great Bridge—links the two halves of Athkatla together. Visited: No

The Palace—Houses the Council of Six and the government of Amn in Athkatla. Visited: Yes

Swamp of Akhlaur—Home of Fa’ss’th, La’ss’a, and The’ss’it, located in Halruaa. Visited: Yes

Nymbus’ Realm—A demi-plane situated in the Astral Plane, created by Nymbus. Visited: Yes.

Fasheezy—a small fishing village on the coast of Lantan. Visited: Yes

The Great Temple of Gond—centrally located temple in Lantan. Visited: No


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