STATISTICS STR:13(+1) DEX:17(+3) CON:16(+3) INT:20(+5) WIS:15(+2) CHA:11

SKILLS Autohypnosis:10(+12), Balance:10(+13), Concentration:10(+16), Heal:11(+13), Knowledge:(Nature):11(+21), Knowledge:(Psionics):11(+16), Knowledge:(Planes):8(+13), Profession:(Sailor):1(+3), Psicraft:11(+16)

FEATS Mental Leap, Psicrystal Affinity(Single-Minded), Speed of Thought, Psionic Body, Improved Psicrystal(Observant), Psionic Endowment, Leadership

SPECIAL 101 pp

COMBAT AC:15/15/12 (N/T/FF) HP:67 FORT:+8 REF:+8 WILL:+10 Init:+3

LANGUAGES Common, Dracon, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome

0-Call to Mind, Eidetic Lock, Missive, Slow Breathing, Urban Strider, Vigor
1st-Astral Traveler, Catfall, Energy Ray, Hammer, Inertial Armor, Skate
2nd-Animal Empathy, Empathic Transfer, Psionic Knock, Psionic Tongues
3rd-Astral Caravan, Body Adjustment, Ectoplasmic Form, Energy Lance, Eradicate Invisibility
4th-Death Urge, Dimension Door, Energy Adaptation, Metamorphosis
5th-Cranial Deluge, Restore Extremity

Equipment-Crystal Mask (+5 K:Nature), Ring of Four Winds, Boots of Striding and Springing, 2 1pp Cognizance Crystals, Dorje of Defensive Precognition, Psionic Tattoo: Energy Bolt 5d6, 3 5pp Cognizance Crystals



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