CG Half-Fey Divine Mind


STR:20(+5) DEX:17(+3) CON:15(+2) INT:11(+0) WIS:18(+4) CHA:17(+3)

Concentration:11(+13), Knowledge(Religion):11(+11), Swim:11(+16)

Cleave, Power Attack, Tap Mantle (Force), Weapon Focus (greatsword), Wild Talent (bonus feat)

26 PP, low-light vision, immune to enchantments, divine grace. Olena’s psionic nature has negated her spell-like abilities, making her level adjustment +1.

HP:88 Init:+3 Speed:30/60 fly (good)
AC:20 Touch:13 FF:17
Fort:+13 Ref:+10 Will:+15
DR: 5/cold iron
BAB/Grapple: +8/+13
Spellreaver: +16/+11 (3d6+9,19-20/x2)
OR adamantine dagger: +13/+8 (1d4+5,19-20/x2)

Guardian (expend psionic focus as immediate action to take adjacent ally’s damage from 1 melee attack), Life (expend psionic focus as swift action for +1 to level when manifesting Life powers)

Attack (+2 attack/damage), Defense (+2 morale AC), Guardian (DR 2/- w./focus), Life (+3 to save vs death effects), Perception (+3 morale to Init, Listen, Spot) 20 ft. radius

1st – force screen, touch of health
2nd – dampen power

+2 Mithral Breastplate, Spellreaver (Large cold iron +2 magebane greatsword), adamantine dagger, strongarm bracers, cloak of resistance +2, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint & steel, traveler’s outfit, waterskin, healer’s kit, lamp & 3 flasks of oil, potion of shield of faith, candle of truth, 4 potions of cure moderate wounds, 5,509 sp, 2,671 gp, 80 pp, Telluric Cartograph, acorn from the Deep Forest (total value 60,915 gp; total encumbrance 56 pds)

Common, Sylvan

37,150 – next level at 45,000

Height: 4’9” Weight: 93 Age: 19
Eyes: Violet Hair: Black Skin: Fair

Olena is petite, with a wiry build that hides great strength. She has deep violet eyes, long black hair, delicate features, pointed ears, and translucent, butterfly-like wings that resemble stained glass.

Daughter of the Naiad Aviana and an unknown human, Olena grew up with her mother and twin brother Kyrian in a small enclave hidden in the Small Teeth (Forgotten Realms, Amn). This valley’s wellspring of natural magic drew many fey to dwell there, including Kefirah, an Oread that taught Olena to fight. What little she knows of humanity comes from Odran, a wandering elf druid who also introduced her to the worship of Silvanus.

This idyllic existence changed when a strange crystal fell from the sky, altering the valley’s natural magic into an alien power that struck at the roots of the fey connection with nature. Many fey were driven into a frenzy of pain; strange powers awakened in others. Once a band of strangers showed her how to embrace her new talents, Olena joined them on a journey beyond her valley, in a quest to understand the world she now senses is changing in some fundamental and unexpected way.

Olena, Kyrian, and their new companions sought to deliver a message from Nymbus to his daughter, Demaris. Finding that Demaris was held in the stronghold of the hobgoblin Magsaid by order of Sulveig, the party rescued her, then split up to pursue separate objectives.

Olena’s group accompanied Demaris in pursuit of Sulveig, pausing to aid the village of Rumero. The party arrived at the city of Athkatla to find it besieged by an army belonging to the ogre mage Cyrvisnea. By persuading the dragon Nopalxochitl to slay Cyrnvisnea, the party ended the siege, and Olena claimed the ogre mage’s greatsword, Spellreaver.

Once the party reunited in Athkatla, they traveled to the demiplane created by Nymbus, where Olena learned that Nymbus was her father – and was something more than human. Claiming the Content Not Found: telluric-cartograph before returning to Faerun, she joined the heroes bound for Lantan – and Maztica.

Olena’s worship of Silvanus defines her personality, as well as her powers. She defends the natural world, and always strives for peaceful solutions. She respects the need for balance, but her devotion to freedom and goodness come first. Olena’s fey heritage expresses itself as boundless energy, insatiable curiosity, a limited attention span, and little emotional control. She’s also a little naive, but Kyrian was always around to protect her. Though she enjoyed mischief and trickery in her youth, she has little interest in such antics now. She has her mother’s love of singing, if not her skill.

Olena was outraged by the kidnapping of Demaris, and intends to see justice done, even if her half-sibling can be difficult company. She has simply expanded her commitment to family to include a member she never knew she had.

Following her recent death and revivification, Olena has rededicated herself to Silvanus’s cause—and recognized deep feelings for Oren Falscar. She recently confessed her feelings to him; despite his initial reluctance, Oren is now willing to risk a relationship with her.

Olena & Kyrian together
Sketch of Olena & Kyrian by DevLynne
Olena with Spellreaver

Olena and Oren (by Jennifer)
Parting of the Twins
Deep Forest
Olena’s Confession


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